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Sarcoma Knows No Borders

Sarcomas are cancers of the connective tissues, such as nerves, muscles, and bones. They can arise anywhere in the body and are frequently hidden deep in the limbs. Sarcomas are often misdiagnosed and assumed to be sports injuries or benign bumps. They are rare tumors, comprising less than 1% of adults' cancers and nearly 21% of children's cancers. Sarcomas are best diagnosed and treated by a team of doctors with experience in all aspects of sarcoma care. Though sarcomas can be aggressive and difficult to treat, many people survive sarcoma. contains hundreds of articles that can help patients and their loved-ones understand sarcoma. A few of them are:

The Faces of SarcomaLiddy Shriver

In 2008, the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative started a project called The Faces of Sarcoma. We wanted the disease to be known by more than numbers, characteristics, and treatment protocols. We wanted it to be known as more than just another "rare cancer." We believed that photos of sarcoma patients, survivors, and those who have lost their lives to sarcoma would help us tell the story of sarcoma in a more personal way.

There are now more than 700 photos in this collection. They come from more than 30 countries and represent over 35 different sub-types of sarcoma. There are photos of young infants, teenagers, young adults, and those in their seventies and eighties. Viewing the photos makes sarcoma more real, more immediate. Each photo could be the face of your son, your daughter, your husband, your wife.

We invite you to browse the photos or submit a photo of your own. Help us to tell the global story of sarcoma.

Sarcoma Knows No BordersPlease send us the best-quality photo that you have! A photo with a clear view of the subject's face works best, and a large photo (at least six inches wide) is requested. In some cases, our editor crops and resizes photos.

Please e-mail the following information, along with your attached photo, to [email protected]. He will follow up with you within a few days. Feel free to ask questions about submitting your photo.

Your name:
The first name of the person pictured (who was diagnosed with sarcoma):
Age of the person when the picture was taken:
Type of sarcoma diagnosed:
Country of nationality:

If you would like to share more than a photograph, you might also consider sharing your sarcoma story or tribute.

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