A Periodical for the Sarcoma Community

An Announcement - April 2010

Six Internationally Distinguished Physicians
Join ESUN's Medical Advisory and Editorial Board

Over the past few years, the work of the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative has grown considerably. ESUN has become a robust open-access publication with a significant readership. Our Research Grants Program has now funded and co-funded more than $1 million in sarcoma research grants. As our initiatives grow, so does the need for members of our dual Medical Advisory and Medical Advisory and Editorial Board. We are pleased to announce that six distinguished physicians have accepted appointments to our board starting in April 2010. They are:

Alessandro Gronchi, MD
Istituto Nazionale Tumori
Milan, Italy
Dr. Alessandro Gronchi
David Malkin, MD
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Canada
Dr. David Malkin
Piotr Rutkowski, MD, PhD
Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center
and Institute of Oncology
Warsaw, Poland
Dr. Piotr Rutkowski
David Thomas, MD
Peter MacCallum Cancer Center
East Melbourne, Australia
Dr. David Thomas
Margaret von Mehren, MD
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia, USA
Dr. Margaret von Mehren
Jeremy Whelan, MD
University College Hospital
London, United Kingdom
Dr. Jeremy Whelan

These physicians join a board that includes sarcoma surgeons, medical oncologists, clinicians, and researchers from eight different countries. They share a passion for helping those facing sarcoma and are dedicated to finding better treatments and a cure for sarcoma. Our board members provide invaluable service to the sarcoma community as they write and review articles for ESUN. They help us fund the best research possible by reviewing and recommending submissions to our Research Grants Program.

We are proud of the international nature of this board and are grateful for the unique backgrounds and experiences that these physicians bring to our efforts. They enhance our ability to draw submissions to ESUN and grant applications from physicians and researchers worldwide.