Christian "Bob" Pfeiffer

Bob PfeifferIn November 2007 Christian "Bob" Pfeiffer’s wife, Adrianne, had surgery for a routine hysterectomy. During the surgery, MMMT (Mixed Mullerian Malignant Tumor) was discovered in her right fallopian tube. It was also determined to be of a metastatic form. The tumor had spread to her right ovary, appendix, omentum, large and small bowel. In the next 22 months she had 13 rounds of chemo, 6 rounds of Avastin, 31 radiation treatments, 2 chemoembolazations and 3 more surgeries. Her small bowel was reduced from 11 meters to 120 cm and the following were removed; 50% of her liver, her right colon, gall bladder and part of her stomach.

While she was being treated at Columbia University in New York City, Bob was able to be with Adrianne almost all of the time. He spent his days with her and his nights in a hotel. When her care was moved to Lehigh Valley Hospital, he was able to stay in her room. She died September 4, 2009 at home in Bob’s arms, asking for her mother, who arrived in the room seconds before her death.

During Adrianne's treatment, the women of the Uterine MMMT Support Group provided much needed support and information. Adrianne and Bob realized there was very little research being done in this area, and the information available was very pessimistic.

Bob has been employed by a number of flight simulation companies as both a Test Director and Program Engineer, and he is currently the Director of Operations for a utility company. He has served as president of local art groups and the Scranton Ski Club, and as a board member of a condiminium complex in Reston, VA. He also worked as an EMT and served for 20 years as a Ski Patroller at Sno Mtn Ski Resort in Scranton, PA. He now splits his time between Clarks Summit, PA and Cocoa Beach, FL.

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