A Periodical for the Sarcoma Community

August 2006 - Volume 3, Number 4

770 People? Wait 'till Next Year

This editorial has been replaced with a link to information about Team Sarcoma 2006 at the Team Sarcoma website.

Lobbying for the "Exceptionally Rare Diseases and Conditions Act"

Dr. Mark Thornton discusses a bill, that if brought before Congress and passed, would provide a unique pathway for new drugs for sarcoma patients.

Prognosis in GIST

Julia D. Royster, Ph.D. tells us there is a growing body of evidence that specific mutation status can contribute prognostic information in GIST.

Poems Along the Way

Rachel Baumgartner shares with us some poems she wrote en route to becoming a survivor of Askin's tumor.

Tylar and Andy

Kelly Wilson tells why her daughter Tylar's dog Andy is a person, not a dog!