A Periodical for the Sarcoma Community

June 2004 - Volume 1, Number 3

A Milestone

Editorial by Bruce Shriver, PhD

A Brief Introduction to our Series of Bridge Articles

Ewing's Sarcoma Family of Tumors

Dr. Mackall discusses some of differences in the in the approach to the treatment of sarcomas in children and adults.

ET-743: A Review of Recent Results

Dr. Bleyer discusses clinical trial participation as an explanation for an observed relative lack of outcome improvement in young adults with sarcoma.

The Caregiver's Paradox

by Hana Pester

Q&A: Stem Cell Transplant

Dr. Mary-Louise Keohan addresses the question: "Are stem cells used in the treatment of sarcoma?".

Drug News: Cyclophosphamide and Ifosfamide

Dr. Karen Albritton discusses the role of Cyclophosphamide and Ifosfamide in the treatment of sarcomas.