The Wendy Walk

The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative is pleased to partner with the Wendy Walk to fund cutting-edge liposarcoma research.

The Wendy Walk was formed by the children of Wendy Landes, Matt, Ali and Jackie, to support her when she was diagnosed with liposarcoma. In March 2013, Wendy sadly passed away after an incredibly brave, inspiring, and hard-fought, 5-year battle against this terrible disease.

In 2010, family and friends of Wendy participated in the first annual Wendy Walk. In just four years, the Wendy Walk has raised more than $2 million. It has funded three International Collaborative Grants on liposarcoma and one on synovial sarcoma. The Wendy Walk and its related events in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Park City provide an opportunity to make a difference for thousands of people dealing with liposarcoma around the world.

Learn About the Cause: Liposarcoma Research

Liposarcoma is a cancer that develops in fat tissue. It is most often found in the abdominal cavity or the extremities, but it can develop anywhere in the body. The exact cause of liposarcoma is not entirely understood; however, studies have indicated that genetic alterations may play a role. To date, the disease can be treated but not cured.

Because of the rarity of this cancer, the cure depends solely on new research. Sarcoma researchers must rely primarily on private funding, because government funds are used for more well-known cancers.

About the Initiative

The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative works to award sarcoma research grants to expert investigators around the world. The Initiative maintains an extremely low overhead of 2-3% per year. Thus, 97-98% of donations received by the Initiative go directly to support sarcoma research. The Initiative is committed to the wise use of donations.