The ESUN Sarcoma Guides

The ESUN Sarcoma Guides provide comprehensive information about the diagnosis and treatment of sarcomas. They have been reviewed by sarcoma experts and published as eBooks for easy access on-the-go. The books can be saved and printed for individual use.

The ESUN Guide for the Newly Diagnosed is a special collection of empowering articles for everyone dealing with sarcoma, especially those who are new to the disease. A special version of the guide can be saved for use on the Kindle and other eBook readers. There are 18 additional ESUN Guides about specific subtypes of sarcoma:

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Downoading to the Kindle, Nook & Other eReaders

If you have wireless Internet access on your eReader, you can use its browser to visit this page ( Then click on the link for the Kindle or for the Nook and Other eReaders. Then save the guide to your device in the folder where your books are kept (this may happen automatically), and it's ready to read.

If you do not have wireless access on your eReader, start by saving the guide (for the Kindle, or for the Nook and Other eReaders) to your computer. Then connect your eReader to your computer with a USB cable. Copy the guide (it will be named or guide.epub) from your computer to the folder on your eReader where your books are kept. Now the guide is ready to read.

About the ESUN Guides

The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative publishes accurate and timely information about sarcomas in ESUN, its online, peer-reviewed newsletter. The Initiative also funds cutting-edge sarcoma research in a number of countries. Learn more by viewing A Brief Guide to the Initiative.

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