A Periodical for the Sarcoma Community

Editorial - August 2012

Working Together to Advance Sarcoma Research

At the Initiative, we believe in working together to make a difference. We actively seek out sarcoma advocacy groups and individuals to help us fund research studies that have been recommended through our peer-review process. By combining financial resources, we stretch our research dollars and fund more substantive research studies jointly than we could fund independently. Here are a few of the organizations that have worked with us over the years to advance sarcoma research:

  • Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation
  • Be A SuperHero: Team Sarcoma 5k
  • Brandon’s Defense Foundation
  • Brian Morden Foundation
  • Center for Research and Analysis of Vascular Tumors (CRAVAT)
  • The Chordoma Foundation
  • Fishin' For The Cure
  • Foster Foundation
  • Jack Langseder 4evrSTRONG Foundation
  • Jim Hauser Sarcoma Foundation
  • Jordan Paganelli Sarcoma Foundation
  • Keepin' it Kevin
  • Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research Foundation (LMSdr)
  • Peter Skelton Sarcoma Research Foundation
  • Reid R. Sacco Memorial Foundation
  • Soccer ‘Round the Clock
  • Strike Out Sarcoma
  • Team Sammie
  • The Wendy Walk

Targeting Sarcoma Subtypes

We believe that research needs to proceed on all types of sarcomas, and we understand that many of our partners want to cure specific sarcoma subtypes that have affected them and those they love. We welcome targeted donations that can be used to support research on specific sarcomas or on a group of sarcomas (pediatric sarcomas, for example).

Focusing on Global Collaboration

Video: The Benefits of Collaborative ResearchAt the Initiative, we believe that improved outcomes for sarcoma patients are best achieved by teams of dedicated investigators working collaboratively and cohesively towards a common goal. The Initiative has funded five International Collaborative Grant (ICGs). These grants provide financial support that crosses national boundaries in order to advance sarcoma research. The ICG Program brings together global teams of sarcoma specialists to work together on significant research projects. The teams collaboratively employ their resources in order to make more progress than each investigator can make individually. ICGs enable team members to use their individual skills to address specific questions while also contributing to a larger, promising project.

Funding the Best Sarcoma Research - Wherever it is Done

At the Initiative, we believe that quality work should be funded wherever it is being done. We award grants based on the merits of each experimental plan we receive. The best studies come from researchers in a variety of settings around the world. Thus, we have awarded grants to investigators in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and at many institutions within the United States.

Using Donations Effectively

At the Initiative, we believe that donors have a right to know how their money is used. At least 97% of the research donations we receive go directly to fund sarcoma research (we have a 2-3% overhead).

To date, we have funded 39 grants that totaled more than $2.2 million, involved more than 50 sarcoma researchers, and resulted in presentations and publications that have helped researchers and clinicians worldwide understand key scientific issues in sarcoma. Results for a number of our grants have been used to secure major NIH R01 grant funding. Among those thirty-nine grants are five international collaborative grants. When we fund a study, both the experimental plan and the research results are published in an open, publically accessible way. This allows everyone to learn from the research we support.

Join Us

This summer, we are excited to be partnering with several individuals, groups and organizations as they work within their local communities to support sarcoma research. Here are a few of the upcoming events resulting from these partnerships:

  • August 18: Fishin' For The Cure at the Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana
  • September 9: A Night with Ike Davis in Manhattan, New York
  • September 15: The Nick Teddy 5k in Port Byron, Illinois
  • September 23: The Sarcoma Step & Fetch in Trenton, Ontario
  • September 29: A Wine Tasting celebrating the life of Steve Byrne in Landisville, New Jersey
  • October 28: Gretchen's Run for Beth in the Marine Corp Marathon

If you are a sarcoma researcher interesting in submitting a grant application, or if you would like to help us fund grants that reviewers recommend for support, please contact us.