Jack Langseder ForeverSTRONG Foundation

Jack Langseder

Jack Langseder

The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative is pleased to partner with the Jack Langseder ForeverSTRONG Foundation in order to fund cutting-edge Ewing's sarcoma research. ForeverSTRONG was established to honor the memory of Jack Desmond Langseder, who passed away in October 2009 following a courageous battle with cancer. The foundation is dedicated to funding research on Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare pediatric cancer, and to increasing awareness of the challenges of the disease.

About Jack

Jack was a remarkable young man. His strength and courage never wavered during his long, hard-fought battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 13 on October 6, 2009.

Despite his illness, Jack chose to live each day to the fullest, which continued right up until his passing. Jack was born on January 10, 1996, and lead a very healthy, active life until his diagnosis in February 2007. He remained very active throughout his treatment and embodied the phrase “Livestrong.” He will always be remembered as being ForeverSTRONG.

Jack's 5kJack was an avid sports fan and particularly loved baseball and football. He played baseball for the Piedmont Little League in Hockessin, DE every spring and fall since he was five years old. He continued to play the sport he loved so dearly even while he was in treatment.

Jack’s participation in a clinical trial researching a new, non-chemotherapy drug for the treatment of Ewing’s Sarcoma afforded him many opportunities that may not have been possible for him. For this reason, the Jack Langseder ForeverSTRONG Foundation is dedicated to the support of such research and clinical trials, as well as raising awareness about this disease.