The Jordan Paganelli Sarcoma Foundation

Jordan Scott Paganelli

Jordan Scott Paganelli

The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative is pleased to partner with the Jordan Paganelli Sarcoma Foundation to fund rhabdomyosarcoma research. The foundation honors the memory of Jordan Scott Paganelli, who died shortly before his 18th birthday after a 23-month battle with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.

The Jordon Paganelli Sarcoma Foundation has held two incredibly successful events called the "JRock-n-Run." There were 500 runners and 1500 people in attendance at their very first event. The foundation has contributed $25,000 to the Initiative's research grants program.

The JRock-n-Run & Life Celebration Event

June 29, 2013: Hollywood, Maryland

JRock-n-RunThe third annual JRock-n-Run & Life Celebration will take place on June 29th at the Historic Sotterley Plantation in Hollywood, Maryland. The event features a 5k Trail Run and a 1.5k Fun Walk that are designed to encourage everyone to participate in a spirited physical activity while attempting to achieve personal goals that they have set for themselves. Following the races, there will be a festive life celebration featuring live music, good food, and fun activities for the entire family. The idea for this event is simple: to remember Jordan's passion for running while bringing the community together in a way that is fun and uplifting.

About the Initiative

The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative works to award sarcoma research grants to expert investigators around the world. Sarcomas make up about 15% of children's cancers, and research is critical to improving the lives of these children and their families. The Initiative maintains an extremely low overhead of 2-3% per year. Thus, 97-98% of the donations we receive go directly to support sarcoma research.

Happy Valentines Day Jordan!

We cherish the memory of you in our lives.  Indeed, we deeply miss the warmth of your beautiful smile that magically brought a sense of purpose and harmony to each and every day.  Thoughts of you gently capture and fill our souls as we navigate an empty world without you in it. You were, and continue to be, such a remarkable young man—unique and tender in so many ways.  You selflessly taught us more during your struggle and in your death than we could have ever taught you in life; and, your courageous journey continues to serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless others as they walk their own paths of challenge and adversity.  The calm and humble strength of your perpetual spirit radiates positive energy and love while showering the world with the light of renewed purpose and resolve.  

The excruciating pain of your physical absence is consuming, but the realization of your ethereal presence enables us to move forward while living the life that you inspired.  There are many days that we are weak—days when we are overcome by sadness, frustration, and intense anger that you were taken from us so young.  How could this happen!  Why were we so pathetically helpless to save you!  Why couldn’t our love protect you from such horror! Why, why, why??  It hurts!!  However, we quickly come to realize that our selfish pain shrinks to insignificance next to the ultimate sacrifice that you graciously accepted with such honor, courage, and dignity.   You never gave up, and you never got a break.  Day in and day out you stayed the course—never complaining and always smiling with a sense of hope, love, and faith that everything could (and would) work out.   And, as if that were not enough, you continued to sooth our fears to the bitter end, while demonstrating to the world the true meaning of character and strength.

We have learned through this experience; and, the perspective of our lives has been forever changed. You taught all of us about living—and loving—with a clarity beyond our comprehension.  We now know that you were put here for a different purpose—a higher purpose—which was to enrich our lives, focus our faith, and reignite our spirit.  Despite our pain, you have inspired us to immerse ourselves in the majesty of the world around us, and the glory of the lives within it.  Your spirit surrounds us, bristling with the energy we need to continue the fight.  And, the widespread knowledge of your struggle is making such a difference.  Merely hearing of your story has touched people in profound ways and has awakened the world to the ugly truth about the disgusting disease we regrettably know as cancer.  More and more people are taking action, fueled by the momentum of your life and the compelling way in which you so passionately lived it.  

We are so very proud to call ourselves YOUR parents, "Jordan’s Parents."  There will be no greater lifelong joy than to reflect on the love and memory of you in our lives. 

Happy Valentines Day to you Jordan—our magnificent 17-year old son.  You continue to replenish the Well from which we draw our strength.

The Dream IS alive…and the Journey continues…

We love you,
Mom & Dad