A Periodical for the Sarcoma Community

November 2014 - Volume 11, Number 6

What We've Learned

Editorial by Bruce Shriver, PhD and Beverly Shriver, RN

A Glimpse Inside the Initiative

Guest Editorial

Palliative Surgery for Sarcoma

Opinions & Hypotheses: Drs. Howard and Pollock write about the possibility of improving lives with surgery even when there is no cure.

Are We Winning the War on GIST?

Opinions & Hypotheses: Dr. Chi discusses the need for novel therapies and therapeutic strategies in GIST treatment.

A Model Research Grants Program for Rare Cancers

Feature: Bruce Shriver, PhD maps out the creation and administration of a high-quality, global, collaborative, scientifically open and sound Research Grants Program.

Research Grants, Plans and Reports

Suppression of CIN in Osteosarcoma

Experimental Plan: Amity Manning, PhD aims to reveal weaknesses in osteosarcoma cells in order to render them less aggressive and more sensitive to therapy.

Modeling Treatment Response of NF1-Deleted Sarcoma

Study Report: Investigators Dodd and Kirsch report on their progress in using a mouse model to address unanswered questions in sarcoma therapy.

$50K Grant Funds Research on Osteosarcoma

Announcement: The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative is funding research on suppressing chromosomal instability in osteosarcomas at Massachusetts General Hospital.



Toshihiko Nishisho (西庄俊彦) provides a Japanese translation of the ESUN review of ASPS.


Robert Nakayama (中山ロバート) provides a Japanese translation of the ESUN review article on osteosarcoma.