Life Changes

The ER Visit

Your life can change quick with only one ER visit
Doctors walk in the room ready to tell ya your lifes been twisted
Walking in calm, only expecting a fractured bone
But soon come to realize the word "cancer" has just smacked ya dome
My mind's in different places, i can't believe i just heard the C-word
My thoughts became pain, at the same time my earth turned leeward
I was a believer, seein' all those kids and sayin' thank God its not me
Why did this disease become picky, and decided it should spot me
Are the death stories true? or should i enhance the lie
Then if its true with what they say, that with cancer ya die


Your life can change fast, in only a split instant
Cancer in ya body, who in the world woulda sensed it
I wish I had selective hearing, and being choosy with what i hear
But by the time the conversations, i only have 1 thing, a tear

At The Doctors Office

Sat in the doctors office, crazy things will still fill my head
Expecting the worsy from Dr. Maale, him tellin' me I'm dead
The nurses call me back, I'm thinkin' is this my time of fate?
I sit in the uncomfortable wheeling chair, hopin' i don't hear that line ya hate
Opens the door quickly, and wastes no time showin' the cat scan
Points directly at the tumor, explainin' why that should be flat man
Said this doesn't look good folks, I need a biopsy performed in a hurry
Realizes my mind's goin' 100 MPH, and still says that he's worried
Slowly walks out of his office, and said i'll see ya at Childrens tomorrow morning
All i replied was "ok" as my eyes continued pouring


After The Biopsy

The biopsy went fine, and the doctor had confirmed his diagnosis
He said looks like your bones gettin' eaten, similar to osteoparosis
I didn't know this, but he said i'll have alot of chemo in store
I look on the cancer floor, and just realized that there's plenty of more
Laid in my hospital bed, as close friends and relatives came
They only walked in sad, but left cryin' cause I was tellin my pain
Oncologist walks in, and slowly explained my long road
I'm ready to explode and make note that it showed
He said something in relief to me, it seemed to stun my stress
Said i'll probably live, then i heard my dad say "Son You're Blessed"



I'm slowly gettin' better, as y'all can probably tell i'm fine
To use my time i come on RS and express my lines
I got 6 treatments left, and i cant wait till the last week
Waitin for the last dose of gross, and get ready to reach my peak
I get all the girls now, one reason bein' the shaved head
I'm hungry for the women now, more or less then i crave bread
I'm gonna admit, I'm gonna miss all the attention
But the pain i endured was hard, so much i won't even mention
This is my story, but i've got one last thing to say
love ya family for life, cause life can end in a day